National Tile Company, Anderson.
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National Tile Company
The National Tile Co. manufactured ceramic tile. The plant was located at 1200 E. 26th St. in Anderson, Indiana.
Time Line
1889     Mr. Benjamin O. Haugh and George Lilly moved from Indianapolis to Anderson in 1889 and established Columbia Encaustic Tile Company.

    The Columbia Encaustic Tile Company of Anderson, Indiana, manufacture natural-gas fired tiles, their specialty being plain enameled tiles, inlaid floor tiles and, to some extent, embossed tiles for mantels and ornamental purposes are also made here. The officers of the company are Mr. B. O. Haugh, president, Mr. George Lilly, vice-president and treasurer, and Mr. Samuel Hughes, secretary.
1903 The National Tile Company was formed in Anderson, Indiana, in 1903.

    The National Tile Company has been incorporated with its main office and general headquarters at Anderson, Indiana and will have a capital stock of $1,000,000.00.  The company has merged the following different concerns, Columbus Tile CompanyRobertson Art Tile Company and The Old Bridge Enameled Brick & Tile Company. The directors are B. O. Haugh;  J. W. Lovitt ;  Geo Lilly; L. E. Lathrop;  A. E. Forst;  E. Townsend;  W. J. Bowman;  W. L. Strong;  H. Hazelhurst;  all of which were connected with the minor companies before the consolidation. The new company has plants at Anderson, Indiana, Old Bridge, New Jersey and Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

    After a year, The Old Bridge Enameled Brick & Tile Company backed out and returned to its original name.
    After three years Robertson Art Tile decided to end their partnership and Robertson Art Tile went back to their original company name.
1947 National Tile Company changed its name to the "National Tile and Manufacturing Company".
1966 Plant Closes:
    Looking for a new owner — More than 200,000 square feet of buildings on 25 industrial acres will go on the auction block Aug. 31 at 1 p.m. The Anderson landmark — the former National Tile Company — located at 1200 E.,26th St., was a flourishing business from 1889 to 1966.
    Richard B. Alexander told The Herald the tile plant was forced to close down in 1966 due to foreign competition.  In 1968, he merged his firm with Mor-flo Industries, and managed the warehousing operation here for the past 10 years.  However, Mor-flo, which did $100 million in sales in the past year, has built a warehouse facility next to its plant in Johnson City, Tenn., and another near its home office in Cleveland.  These are parts of larger conglomerates.    The Herald Bulletin, Aug 11, 1978

Aerial View of National Tile
Two different aerial views of National Tile and Manufacturing Plant in Anderson, Indiana.
Expansion Plan Is Carried Out
Anderson Daily Bulletin
Friday November 15, 1929

    Eshelman and Son's contractors are making progress on the large new building addition at the National Tile plant, and structures will be completed and ready for occupancy within two or three weeks.
    The brick wall and roof of the addition have been finished, glass is being installed in the walls.  Concrete is being poured by the contractor for the floor of the large structure.
    The new tile works addition is 108 x 414 feet and is being erected by the company as part of its expansion program.  The tile works is operating normally. Eshelman and Son's have been working about two months on the annex.
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